The Paragon Foundation

StreetWide Pride | Sarasota is synonymous with community development, but we advance our mission through projects, grants and engagement efforts such as “Park2Park” and “Light the Night“.

Although the “Visioneers” are instrumental to the success of StreetWide Pride | Sarasota, The Paragon Foundation is centered around a core of individuals focused on the promotion of a united community. United through education, familiarity and a common vision of the brightest tomorrow possible!

The Paragon Foundation will award scholarships and continuing educational certificates to winning nominees twice a year! Success within a specific community or society in general, is dependent of education and opportunities. StreetWide Pride | Sarasota is dedicated to opening those doors and paving the way for personal development and growth that will ultimately benefit the community.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our efforts, please consider making a donation and also getting involved to make a difference.