StreetWide Pride | Sarasota: Call to Artists Application

Application for Artists License
Focal Statuary for Fredd “Glossie” Atkins Park

Fredd “Glossie” Atkins Park
111 South Orange Avenue, Sarasota

Project manager:
Michael Paragon 941-822-2193

Individual artists may apply for this installation. A group or a visual arts organization may apply to
display member’s art; each participant must complete an application and submit them together as an organization. A representative for groups and organizations will coordinate with the project manager.

Individual artists applying for consideration must supply the following: six(6) JPG images (minimum 72 dpi) of conceptual artwork that will be displayed.
Groups and organizations must supply at least three(3) JPG images (minimum 72 dpi) of conceptual artwork that will be displayed for each participant.

A. Installing Artwork:
Artists will be responsible for statuary installation, needed supplies, sculptures must be reviewed by Public Art Coordinator for practical issues and artists will be supplying the display pedestal. The city will reserve the right to reject artwork deemed inappropriate or unsafe by risk management standards.

B. Promotions:
An installation reception hosted by the artist(s) is permitted and must be coordinated with the Public Art Coordinator with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. Time permitting, supplemental support may be included in the regular press releases issued by the Public Information Officer. Press release submissions including artist’s contact information, installation details and artwork description should be emailed to PI Officer Jan Thornburg ( and Michael Paragon (

C. Liabilities:

By signing this application participating Artists agree to hold the City of Sarasota harmless and release the City of Sarasota from any and all liabilities associated with installing their artwork within Fredd “Glossie” Atkins Park including but not limited to theft, damage and insurance of the statuary artwork and/or its display pedestal if utilized.

Artists must submit the following completed application to participate in Focal Statuary for Fredd “Glossie” Atkins Park:

Printed Name:

Mailing address:

Phone number:

Alternate phone number:

Email Address:

Web Site Address:

Installation Reception, please coordinate with two weeks prior notice:

Proposed Date:
Proposed Time:
No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted. Artists are responsible for set up & clean up.
Optional information not include such as special needs or logistical questions:

Please sign.

By signing applicant agrees to release the city of all liabilities and shows their compliance with requirements in this application for license to install and exhibit their work (Electronic signatures accepted).

Individual artists applying must supply six(6) JPG images of the conceptual artwork to be displayed.

Groups/organizations must supply no less than three(3) JPG images of the conceptual artwork to be displayed for each participant.

Email completed application & JPG images to: or mail hard copies & JPG images on a CD to:
StreetWide Pride | Sarasota
1661 Ringling Blvd, #2754
Sarasota, FL 34236 care of Michael Paragon.