Light The Night

Light is a sign of Life!

Light is an indication that something is happening, someone is here, that this building… business… store… restaurant… needs your attention. Light is also hard to contain. So, once a light is on, it tends to shine and illuminate whatever it can. These are the reasons that StreetWide Pride | Sarasota has created the “Light The Night” program.

Leaving the lights on in your business not only allows you to get added exposure to promote your business but, the light spills out into the streets, filling in the gaps between streetlights and decor lights along the sidewalk. And nothing is as inviting as a well-lit street!

But what about the cost? Well, Light The Night begins with an analysis of the lighting efficiency of your business or store as it is today. We determine the number of standard fluorescent bulbs to replace with high-efficiency “green” bulbs (at our cost!) We then ask that you simply leave them on inside your business during overnight hours. We then review the following utility bill. Whatever the difference is, we will pay for you for up to 12 months!

The benefits? A brighter, more inviting business corridor, neighborhood and perception…reduced criminal activity (it’s a lot harder to break into a business with all of the lights on!)… less of an impact on the environment through the use of higher efficiency lighting… and you, the business-owner, are now considered socially and environmentally responsible!

To find out how you can participate in this program simply contact us here!