A Statue Dedication – A Community Ignored

ComplexusOn March 26th the Public Art Committee will gather at the intersection of US 41 and Gulfstream Avenue to dedicate the “Complexus” metal statuary to the City of Sarasota.

This work of steel and paint was created by internationally know artist John Henry. The art was purchased with funds generated by the Sarasota Public Art Fund (a non-profit organization) who then donated it to the city of Sarasota.

This will be the 43rd addition to the Public Art Collection. Mayor Suzanne Atwell will be joined by District 3 commissioner Shannon Snyder in the ceremony.

As a cultural hub, the city of Sarasota is a very well-known venue. As a city of equality and diversity…not so much so. When it comes to giving equal attention to all of the challenges that the city faces, definite lines of division have been drawn. Those who see those lines refuse to cross them!

There are still un-answered questions to Clifford Smith (and the entire Public Art Committee: Leonardo Lunardi, Trulee B. Jameson, George Haborak, R. Andrew Maass and Elizabeth Van Riper):

  • Why have we spent $95,000 on a statue that the community does NOT approve of?
  • Why is it STILL without lights after bringing this deficiency to your attention nearly a year ago?
  • Did we REALLY have to select an artist from outside of this art-filled city?
  • What can be done to replace this statue with a piece of genuine art?
  • Why is this statue not included in the Public Arts website collection?

26MarchRallyThese are the questions that I will continue to present until they are answered. Of course, you can always contact Clifford Smith and ask him yourself! 941-365-2200, ext. 4361.