Fredd Atkins Park – Statuary Revision


The current statute installation in Fredd Atkins Park, “A Community Within Reach”, was initially meant to represent certain key principles that would speak to the viewing public about the past, present and future of the community that surrounded it. The final product has been one of much controversy and ultimately a source of more shame and embarrassment than pride.


The design concept was to embody the principles of “community”, “family”, “unity”, “strength”, and “love”. While each of these ideals can be interpreted in a variety of expressions, the winning statuary should display them in a manner that most viewers can see.
Additionally, this statue should be seen as a source of pride and accomplishment. As a shining example of the strength of the community, both in overcoming it’s past and forging into a bright, new future.

Park visitors will enjoy taking photos of this community landmark and making online references that create a global point of reference; promoting it through their pictures,  and discussions, both online and offline.


With the artistic resources available within the talent pool that calls Sarasota home, an artist with roots to the community would be better suited to embody these principles as the artists’ perspective makes a huge difference in his delivery. After a new request for artists is made available to the local artists and their submissions have been met with the general approval of the community as well as the Public Art Committee, the existing artpiece would be de-assigned and a new artwork would be installed.