We Can Change It!

StreetWide Pride | Sarasota is dedicated and committed to creating the BEST Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the country! While this may seem to be a singular challenge, in reality, this will require an attentive eye and ear that remain receptive to feedback regarding the businesses within the community as well as how governmental policies effect them and the citizens within the community.

When we, as a community, realize that the focus has been shifted from creating and establishing our communities to building an environment in which “second-class citizenry” is permissible, not only do WE have a challenge to face…but, the generations that will come after us will suffer even more so unless we meet these threats head on.

Sarasota has a long-standing reputation of beautiful beaches and a vibrant downtown nightlife. This is a city built around its sunny shores and its laid-back retirement mentality. But what about the areas of Sarasota that serve as our homefronts and neighborhood communities in which we raise our children?

The opportunities are currently in place to take charge of the direction that our communities will go…either we step up and address our issues or we remain silent! We can take seats of government that will allow us to direct action and focus into our communities, we can attend classes and receive adequate training to secure government contracts that enable us to maintain a level of economic viability, we can do any and all that we envision for today and tomorrow…if we aspire to do so!

Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week…we are willing, able and committed to creating a vision of community!


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